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Featured Companies

Worlds Inc. (WDDD)

Worlds Inc. (OTCQB)fully reporting (WDDD)is an intellectual property developer and owner of patents related to 3D online virtual worlds. The Company has a portfolio of 10 US patents for client-server load balancing technology for 3D VR applications. The Company's principle goal will be to continue to grow its IP portfolio, while protecting and monetizing it through patent infringement litigation. In addition, Worlds Inc. intends to be active in the creation and acquisition of related digital media technologies and patents that complement their current patent portfolio and that broaden the features, versatility and reach of the technology to allow for its utilization in the broadest possible way.

This business model could soon prove to be quite valuable as recently, March 1st, a company with a similar model in the cyber security space filed an 8k (material event) with the S.E.C. In it the company (FNJN), Finjan Holdings, Inc., talks of a settlement with Symantec (SYMC). Here is a quote from the 8k. Please go to FNJN filings for the full filing.

"As part of the settlement, the Symantec Parties will obtain a license to, among others, the Finjan patents and pay the Finjan Parties $65.0 million in cash within twenty (20) days of the Effective Date of the License and Settlement Agreement. Further, upon acquisition by Symantec of certain entities within four years from the Effective Date, the Symantec Parties will pay additional license fees of up to $45.0 million to the Finjan Parties, unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the Company and Symantec. The remaining terms of the License and Settlement Agreement are confidential."

Read on and see the current and past events for Worlds, Inc.

Here is one current development:

✔  January 22, 2018 to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ("CAFC") has scheduled oral arguments for March 9, 2018

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Biotricity (BTCY)

Biotricity (BTCY) (Fully Reporting)


Enabling diagnosis and care for heart failure, and planning more remotely monitored patient care devices in coming 24 months.

Biotricity is a medical technology company on the forefront of improving healthcare by developing solutions that aid chronic disease prevention and management. Biotricity's first FDA cleared product is Bioflux, an ECG monitoring system that will be prescribed by physicians to diagnose and remotely monitor cardiac patients. This device will be entering the $28 billion cardiac care market, and it was cleared by the United Stated Food and Drug Administration less than two months ago, at the end of December 2017.

Biotricity's ongoing R&D is focused on the preventative healthcare market, with a vision of putting health management into the hands of the individual. The company aims to support the self-management of critical and chronic conditions with the use of innovative solutions to ease the growing burden on the healthcare system. The company is implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its second-generation Bioflux device, which is currently in development, and plans to file for an additional FDA clearnace in the coming year. Also in the next 12-24 months, the company will unveil its next medical device, with testing and a filing with the FDA once R&D is complete.

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Kootenay Zinc Corp. (KTNND)

Kootenay Zinc Corp. KTNND(OTCQB), ZNK(CSECanada), KYH1.GR(Germany) is a mineral exploration and development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that is presently targeting the Sully Property. The Company is focused on discovering large-scale sedimentary-exhalative ("SEDEX") deposits.

The Sullivan Mine was discovered in 1892, and is known to be one of the World's Largest SEDEX deposits. Over its 100-year lifetime, Sullivan produced approximately 150 million tonnes of ore, including approximately 300 million ounces of silver, 8 million tonnes of zinc and 8 million tonnes of lead that, at today's prices, would be valued at US $49 BIL!

www.kootenayzinc.com Company data here as well along with ability to access SEDAR for all company filings. SEDAR is the Canadian equivalent of our S.E.C.

"The Sullty Project presents the best exploration target of Sullivan Size that I have seen in my career" - PAUL RANSOM | 2016

And that's because the Sully Property shares many of the same characteristics as the Legendary Sullivan Mine which is located only about 18 miles away.

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Marksmen Energy Inc.(MKSEF)

Marksmen Energy Inc OTCQB: MKSEF, TSX-V: MAH


Business Description

Marksmen is an emerging energy company with an initial focus on exploring and developing light oil assets in Ohio.

We are bringing modern exploration technology to under-explored areas which have had significant historic oil producrtion and which have not seen any concentrated industry activity for decades.

Marksmen's management team has extensive experience in the profitable development of old oil fields in Ohio and the identification of previously overlooked resource opportunities. Marksmen energy plans to be an industry leader in Ohio.

Marksmen is fully reporting on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange and all filings can be found in full at Sedar.com

Hocking County - On November 27, 2017 Marksmen announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire a 40% working interest ("WI") in a horizontal well drilling program operated by Hocking Hills Energy and Well Services LLC ("HHE"), targeting the Clinton Sandstone formation. Today, Marksmen is announcing that it has agreed to acquire an additional 20% WI from HHE to increase Marksmen's WI share in the well to 60%. The access road and drill pad are currently under construction and nearing completion. The drilling rig is expected to be on location in approximately one week and we anticipate running in approximately 500 feet of 9 5/8 inch surface casing and cementing it to surface on or before December 24, 2017. Immediately after the Holiday season, drilling will continue to the well's target depth of 2,900 feet and then a horizontal section of 3,000 feet in the Clinton Sandstone formation.

Marksmen is extremely close to achieving critical mass as an operating entity. Even prior to the segment of news listed just above MKSEF had significantly growing sales and projects underway. In the November 20, 2017 Press Release Marksmen also announced that a Major Oil Refiner in the U.S., Ergon Production, Inc. owns a 25% interest in this newest project and all projects done on the surrounding land. The contract also calls for Ergon to purchase and remove from the property all oil produced at the then current price per barrel from MKSEF.

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Reign Sapphire Corp. (RGNP)

Reign Sapphire Corp. (OTCQB: RGNP) is a Beverly Hills-based, D2C branded and custom jewelry company with three niche brands: Reign Sapphires: ethically produced, millennial targeted sapphire jewelry, Coordinates Collection: custom jewelry, inscribed with location coordinates commemorating life's special moments, and Le Bloc: classic customized jewelry.


The Reign Mission

The Company is focusing its marketing initiatives on: (1) Direct-to-Consumer ("D2C") ecommerce marketing to attract customers to the reignsappires.com website, (2) Business-to-Business ("B2B") marketing and sales efforts, to establish distribution partners such as high-end fashion retailers, and eventually (3) building a strong retail presence to market the products directly to consumers on a retail level, (4) Ethical and sustainable jewelry marketed through sophisticated digital initiatives (Influencers) direct to consumer. The Company is initially focusing its marketing efforts in the U.S. with online, wholesale, and retail sales, and the Company has recently expanded its marketing efforts internationally.
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Solis-Tek Inc. (SLTK)

Solis-Tek provides an investor the opportunity to play the rapidly growing expansion in the Cannabis Industry without all the inherent risk still associated with a direct investment in a "pot stock." SLTK while dealing directly with a very large number of "pot companies" does not have any direct involvement in the marijuana business as far as sales and distribution of the substance whatsoever. While you will read below how more and more states domestically are approving its' sale, as well as globally, the risks in investing directly in these companies is quite high; as there is still a disconnect between the states' legal stance and the current Federal stance on its' legality. While the Country awaits the public desire for full Federal legalization SLTK allows one to be poised for this by investing in a company that provides cutting edge, award winning products that support the industry and the growers so that the product that they produce can provide the highest quality product for both the growers, sellers and the end users of the marijuana itself. All at a substantially lower cost, better quality yield than their competitors.


Enabling cannabis growers to increase yield, lower costs and maximize their return on investment.

Solis Tek Inc., is an importer, distributer and marketer of digital lighting equipment for the hydroponics industry. The Company provides aptitudes with its ballast, reflector and lamp products. Solis Tek Inc. is focused on the research, design, development and manufacturing of advanced, energy efficient indoor horticulture lighting and ancillary equipment. Its product line includes digital ballasts, a line of lighting products including a line of specialty ballasts ranging from 400 watts to 1,000 watts with various features, a line of specialty metal halide digital lamps (Lamp Products), a line of reflectors, high intensity lighting accessories and a line of double ended lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps and light emitting diode (LED) lighting technologies. Solis Tek Digital Ballasts are designed with Ignition Control sequential lamp ignition, and SenseSmart, self- diagnostic safety systems. Solis Tek Digital Lamps are designed to be tuned and matched with Solis Tek digital ballasts. Their vision is to apply the latest advances in high efficiency lighting and controls technology as well as effective manufacturing techniques to deliver highly differentiated products with clear benefits at competitive prices to the greenhouse and indoor horticulture markets.

The Solis Tek, Inc. launched an organic solutions and nutrient line in 2016 through its newly formed subsidiary Zelda Horticulture, Inc., (f.k.a. GrowPro Solutions, Inc.). Zelda's in-house Research and Development department formulates unique plant nutrient additives designed to create healthier plants which yield greater plant aroma, volume, and oil production and intensity in the growing cycle. The end users of the new nutrient additive products are the same existing Solis Tek lighting clients, hence, the company will leverage its existing sales and distribution channels to gain maximum efficiencies with this new subsidiary division. Zelda's nutrient products are trademark protected, formulated and produced in our own facility in Carson, CA. Zelda's nutrient products are created with 100% organic compounds, contain proprietary ingredients and have been thoroughly vetted by our customers and tested by outside independent third-party labs, consultants and growers. The nutrient additive products are typically used by our customers as a part of their daily plant nutrient feed program, creating a much tighter transaction interval relationship with our client base than the lighting division realizes due to those product lifecycles.
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Itronics, Inc. (ITRO)

Itronics (OTCBB: ITRO) (FRANKFURT: ITG) (BERLIN: ITG), through its subsidiary, Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., is the only company in the world with a fully permitted "Beneficial Use Photochemical, Silver, and Water Recycling" plant located in the United States which can convert used photoliquids into pure silver and liquid fertilizers. At the Company's Reno, Nevada factory more than 99 percent of the silver and virtually all the other toxic heavy metals are extracted from used photoliquids. The purified liquids are converted into environmentally beneficial, chelated, micronutrient and multinutrient liquid fertilizers sold under the GOLD'n GRO trademark. The silver is refined and sold as bullion and 5 troy ounce, 0.999 pure, Silver Nevada Miner numismatic bars. The environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers can be used for lawns and houseplants as well as for farm applications, and are available, along with GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizer injectors, at the Company's "e-store" catalog at http://goldngro.com. The popular Silver Nevada Miner bars are available at the Company's "e-store"catalog at http://www.itromet.com.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Itronics Inc. is a "Creative Environmental Technology" company and a world leader in photochemical recycling. The Company also provides environmentally compatible mining technology development, project planning, and technical services to the gold mining industry and operates the popular InsideMetals.com web site, http://www.insidemetals.com which provides a value-added WORLD VIEW of Gold Producer Stocks, Mineral Producer Stocks, Junior Gold Stocks, and Junior Mineral Stocks. Itronics has received numerous domestic and international awards that recognize its ability to successfully create and implement new environmentally compatible recycling and fertilizer technologies.

The company’s website is: http://www.itronics.com.
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Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA)

Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (OTCBB:BLTA)(Frankfurt:B3A), based at JFK Terminal 4, is the ONLY NEW US AIRLINE in the United States TODAY THAT HAS RECEIVED APPROVAL FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION to engage in foreign air travel. The start-up Airline is preparing to begin operations with its’ first route being the new, and only, non-stop flights from J.F.K. International Airport in New York, New York to Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia. Do not, however, let the term start-up deter you from reading further. Baltia’s Senior Management has, within the last 18 months, provided to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation (D.O.T.) copies of Personal Letter’s of Credit and cash deposits totaling the amount of $6,500,000.00 (U.S.).
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